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Valentines Candy Cozy DIY

Valentines is just over 1 week away! I stitched up this little heart candy cozy. With it's smiling face, it couldn't get any more adorable!

I also made a little tutorial in case you wanted to make your own:

Supplies: Red and White Felt, 2 Black Buttons, Red Ribbon, Embroider Thread, Needle, Sewing Machine (optional), Candy

 1. Draw a 5" wide heart onto the back of your red felt, and cut out 2 hearts.

2. Using your buttons as a guide, cut out 2 circles or ovals from the white felt that is just slightly larger than your buttons.
Place the buttons on top of your felt circles and stitch down on to the front red heart.

3. Cut about a 12" piece of embroider thread and use it to stitch a smile between and just a little lower than the 2 eyes.

4. You can also use your embroidery thread to give your heart eyelashes, which makes it look more girly.

5. Cut a 10" piece of ribbon. Place the ends on the back side of the heart and use embroidery thread to secure it with small X stitches.

6. Place your front heart on to the 2nd heart (the back piece) and stitch along the sides and bottom, making sure to leave the top open. I used the sewing machine for this step, but you could continue to use the embroidery thread.

I love putting faces on things. I think it makes them 10x cuter.
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