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Wood Burned Tea Box

During the holidays I purchased a wood burning kit from Darby Smart. If you don't know about Darby Smart, you should definitely check them out! Darby Smart partners with leading DIY designers to make fun crafting kits based on the latest fashion and home decor trends. (You can see/purchase the kit I designed for Darby Smart here.)

Anyhow, I'd been eyeing their wood burning kit for a while, thinking "Ooh, wood burning sounds fun!". I finally decided to purchase it and do some burning. When it got here my first wood burning projects were wood burned spoons. Taylor and I made a bunch to put in our 2014 gift closet.

The wood burning kit came with a small wooden box. It took me a little while to decided what I wanted to use the box for, but it seems obvious now for a tea lover like me: a tea box!

I started by lightly sketching a tea cup onto the top of the box. The cup was the only thing I sketched, everything else I just freehanded while I was burning it. After I drew the cup, I just burned some fun leaves and scallops along the sides of the box to further embellish it.

After that, I coated it in wood conditioner (not included in the kit) and a bit of wood stain. (the stain was included in the kit.). It was my first ever piece of wood to stain, so it is a bit splotchy, but I don't think it's too bad!

I really love wood burning now, I've got a couple of cheap wooden plaques that I'm going to burn. I just have to decide what I'm going to burn into them first. ;)

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