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Tea Mixed Media Bookmarks

Hey guys, guess what? It's national hot tea month. I drink hot tea ALL day long. I love tea (every month is tea month for me.) so I decided to do a fun project to celebrate. I also love reading so I made these bookmarks.

There is a lot of mixed media involved on these, gelatos, heat embossing, spray mists, etc. I made a simple how-to if you want to see how I made them:

1. Cut 2 bookmarks from cardstock and coat them with gesso. Let that layer dry.

2. Using gelatos, color your bookmarks. I used varying shades of green, I love the "Green Tea" shade. :)

3. Time for a little heat embossing! I used flowery stamps from My Minds Eye with green embossing powder. I also added some gold spray mist.

4. Emboss a teacup or other design and add your quotes.

5. I also added little "tea bag tags" to my bookmarks. I cut small squares of cardstock, colored it with gelatos and markers than attached it to my bookmark like twine.

Now, go make a cup of tea and read a good book! My Aunt's blog is actually called "Books, Tea, and Me." (which I didn't think about until after I'd made these) so I might send them to her.

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