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Make it Monday

Good Morning! Today I have lots of cute (and geeky) crafty ideas for you-

Make some POW! BAM! Shrink Plastic Rings using this DIY. This is so fun and geeky.

Stitch up a cute Snow Bunny Plush with this tutorial and pattern.

Turn Foam Boards into Picture Frames using this DIY. I think this is awesome, U use them as photo backdrops, so I always have foam boards.

Make some of these adorable Cookie Cutter Pincushions using this tutorial.

Try using the back of Acrylic Stamps instead of the front to make this fun card with this video tutorial.

Create a Leather Sunglasses Holder using this tutorial.

Have you seen any tutorials lately that you just love? :)
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  1. Love your Make It Monday posts - always such great ideas! (hope this doesn't appear twice!)

    1. Aw, thanks! There are so many inspiring tutorials out there, I love to feature them.


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