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Gilded Seashells DIY

After seeing this pin on pinterest, We decided that we need to make some gilded seashells. We love hanging out at the beach, (who doesn't?) walking along the shore and collecting shells. We have shells out on display, shells in boxes, etc so we have plenty of shells to use for projects.

Supplies: Metallic Gold Spray Paint, Seashells

How to: Wash your shells so there's no sand or dirt on them and let them dry completely. Place the shells on newspaper or something you can get paint on. Spray paint the tops of them gold and then once they're dry, flip them over and paint the bottoms.

These turned out so stunning, didn't they? Don't get me wrong, I think shells are naturally beautiful right from the ocean, but these are so amazing!
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  1. They are amazing! I have a stack of seashells I've been trying to figure out something to do with, and this is perfect!


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