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Adventures in Resin

One of my most recent crafting experiments has been playing with resin. My Mom and Sister got me some resin supplies for my birthday so I've been playing with it and then I also got some new molds for Christmas to use with resin.

I plan on using all of my little resin pieces as fun embellishments, either in my scrapbooks and art or maybe in jewelry projects!

Some thoughts/tips on resin:

  • Regular resin dries an opaque white color, so if you're wanting a clear embellishment you need to get ICE resin. I have both.
  • You can use resin specific molds or silicone molds. I tried a plastic mold (like a candy mold) and the resin stuck to it. Most of my molds are silicone molds from Wilton meant for cake decorating but the resin pops right out of it!
  • I've used supplies on hand to color my resin, here's what I've found: Alcohol inks will color the resin nicely, but food coloring reacts badly with the resin and it doesn't cure properly.
  • I tried doing some resin on a humid day, and while the resin did cure, the backs of my resin embellishments were just slightly tacky.

Have any of you tried or used resin? It takes practice to figure out, but I really like making my own little embellishments.
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  1. You're awesome. You post the best ideas! :)

  2. Oooh! I recognize some of those shapes from the Wilton fondant molds! I have a few on my wishlist but I just ordered 1 and am waiting for it to come. I wasn't sure how big each decoration was so just got one to try but they look great!! The details look really deep. If you have Pearl Ex or Perfect Pearls, I also use those to color the resin. I've been using the Mod Melts molds and Martha Stewart clay molds for the resin (I have yet to use them for the intended products!). I LOVE it!! So much fun!! Initially I was bummed that the MS molds were thin (the design, not the mold itself) but the detail in them are great (I have the butterfly one) and I have colored to top of them with various different markers. I plan on posting them on my blog or flickr. I'll try to remember to link it when I do!


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