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2014 Gift Closet

This year, My Mom, Sister and I are creating a "Gift Closet". What's a gift closet? We're making handmade things, and putting them in a closet so that anytime we need a gift we can just pick one out.

Right now we only have a couple of items so it's just a container full of handmade gifts instead of a closet. We've created a "Gift Closet" board on pinterest so that we can collect ideas and pin tutorials. Here are a few things that we've pinned for inspiration:

Etched Wooden Spoons

Sewn Hand Towels

Glitter Magnets

I love giving and receiving handmade gifts. They're so much more personal than going to the store and buying something. (Although, I always LOVE to get new markers as gifts.)

Do you give a lot of handmade gifts? I'm excited about our new gift closet.
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  1. I saw something like those wooden spoons recently on Pinterest and had to pin it... so adorable! :)

    Homemade gifts are definitely awesome!

  2. Very cool idea!! I would love to receive any of these gifts! :)


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