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Snow Frosted Christmas Tree DIY

I'm hanging out at my Sister's house this week helping her decorate, making Christmas presents, etc and we wanted to do something fun to her tree. After a bit of googling, Taylor decided she wanted to spray paint her Christmas tree.

We didn't end up using spray paint exactly, what we used was "spray on snow." Which turned out pretty cool! It muted the bright green of the artificial tree and gives it a pretty holiday look.

Supplies: Christmas tree, (our was artificial) Spray on Snow, (we used Santa Snow) Glitter Spray, Gold Glitter

1. Set up your tree somewhere outside where you can spray the snow without getting it on anything important.

2. Start spraying on the fake snow! We didn't spray it on too heavy, just enough to coat the tips nicely and more lightly on other places.

3. While the snow is still wet, sprinkle gold glitter on the ends of your branches.

See the before/after photos? It definitely made the $20 artificial tree go from drab to fab!

Do you use a real or fake tree? How do you decorate it?
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