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Restyled Spool Christmas Tree

Today I have a cute and simple recycling project perfect for Christmas! Since my Mom is a quilter and I do a bit of quilting/sewing every now and then  we go through thread which means we have a ton of spools. We have these 2 big vases full of empty spools, some plastic, some wooden. I'm not even sure where the wooden spools came from, probably a flea market. ;)

This little tree is super easy (it would be great for kids) but I think it's really cute and makes a fun festive piece of Christmas decor. Here's how I made it-

Supplies: Empty Spools, (wooden, plastic or styrofoam I used all 3 but wood looks best) Christmas patterned Papers, Glue, Button

1. Gather up 10 spools, stack them up to make sure they stack well. You don't want one tall spool and one short spool all on the same row.

2. Paint your spools green.

3. Cut strips of patterned paper to fit your spools, wrap the paper around the spools and adhere the end.

4. Glue your trees into the Christmas tree shape you stacked up earlier.

5. Cut out 2 stars from patterned paper, one slightly larger than the other. Stack them up and adhere them together. Choose a button and adhere it to the center of your star. Adhere the star to the very top spool on your Christmas tree!

I'm linking this to Fave Crafts Christmas Blog Hop! 

What Christmas projects have you been working on? I'd love to know! :)
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  1. This is such a cute idea. You excel at holiday decorations!

  2. Cute cute cute and EZ to accomplish! Love it! I'm gonna hunt for my stash of spools to paint, paper and stack, and then see if I can fit birthday cake-size candles in the holes in between the levels - for looks not function. Mahalo for the fabulous idea.


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