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Restyled Pirouline Yule Log Tins

Earlier this Fall I recycled Pirouline tins to make some cute Owl tins. I had some more tins so I decided to do a project that goes really well with this time of the year. If you like to restyle things, "Yule" love this!

I restyled 5 empty Pirouline tins into containers that look like Yule Logs, and even after the holidays are over I have cool woodland tins! I love woodgrain contact paper, I have about 2 rolls of it so I'm always looking for projects to use it on.

Supplies: Tins, Wood Grain Contact Paper, Tan Cardstock, Brown Sharpie, Cardboard Tubes, Glue, Scissors

1. Cover the outside of your tins in woodgrain contact paper, Don't worry about any wrinkles, they make the tins look more "tree like".
2. Go around the outside of the lids in a strip of woodgrain contact paper, Cut out a circle from cardstock the size of your lid and adhere it to the top. Use a brown marker to draw a spiral on top.
3. Cut cardboard tubes on an angle and cover them in contact paper like you did on the tins. Use adhesive to glue them onto the sides of your tins and wrap a strip of contact paper around the bottom to hide the glue.

These actually go really well with my Owl tins, which you can see here. Have you ever tried Pirouline's cookies? The cool thing about them is that the tins are easily reusable
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