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Karli's Christmas Presents

I made this little "Chewie" Chewbacca softie for my friend Ruby's little girl, Karli. She's about 1 and a half yrs old, but she has some pretty wild hair so I always call her Chewie. I decided that for Christmas, I wanted to make her a Chewbacca softie and I think he turned out pretty adorable!

I went to Joanns and bought a couple of pieces of craft faux fur to make him out of. The fur is perfect for Chewie, but I just have to say...When you cut that stuff, hair goes everywhere!!

Another present for Karli is this little quiet book that my Mom and I made. A lot of the pages were inspired by these cute books. I think Karli will love it.

Karli is really the only little kid I know, so these are the only kid presents I made. :) Did you give out a bunch of handmade presents?
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