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DIY Race Number Wood Plaque

I created this little wooden plaque to hang up race numbers on from races and charity rides. It was pretty easy, I've actually made 2 of these now, this one and one for my sister, Taylor.

We do a lot of biking charity rides and some 5ks. I've included race numbers in my scrapbook layout before, but now they'll be saved to be hung up on this plaque.


  • Wood Plaque
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Cup Hooks
  • Picture Frame Mount
  • Stencil
  • Paint Marker

1. Paint your wood plaque. I used yellow acrylic paint which only needed one coat.

2. If you're plaque doesn't have a mount on the back, attach one.

3. Using your race number as a stencil, place it on your plaque where you want it to hang and use a pencil to marker inside the punched holes.

4. Screw in your hooks. These are easy enough to screw in by hand, thankfully.

5. You can free hand your words on to the plaque or use a stencil. I cut out a vinyl stencil using my Brother ScanNCut machine and stuck it down. Color it in using a black marker.

6. Remove the stencil. I used a second stencil bolder letters for the word "ride".

Do you participate in charity rides or races? 
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