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Book Review: Adventures in Pompom Land

I recently picked up the book Adventures in PomPom Land by Myko Diann Bocek from the library. I love pompoms- they're so cute and fluffy! I thought a lot of the projects in the book actually looked somewhat complicated, but I went ahead and checked it out.

Making/shaping the pompoms in the book were actually easier than I thought they would be. This book has a lot of pictures that definitely helped. I stayed away from any of the projects that had roving or felting involved because I've never done any felting.

I followed the instructions in the book to make this adorable little pompom snowman.

I changed a couple of things, like using pipecleaners for the arms and buttons for the eyes, but I love how my little snowman turned out. We even still had ice hanging around that I could photograph him in!

The photography and instructions in this book are both very clear and helpful. If you love pompoms as much as I do, I recommend reading Adventures in Pompom Land. :)
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