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Red + White Christmas Restyled Bottles

These are just a fun little Christmas project that make a good decoration. I'd gotten a bunch of glass bottle giving to me, so I decorated them all. I wanted them all different but also all go together so I stuck with a main color theme- Red, White and Black. 

This is how they started out- The 2 larger bottles were given to me by Taylor who found them on clearance at Hancock fabric. They already look Christmas-y, don't you think? Well, they were actually leftover from Summer Picnic decorations which is why they were on clearance.
All I did for those was remove the charms and twine, (those teapot and spoon charms will be used for something else!) stencil on words and add a little bling.

The other 3 bottles, are beer bottles that my Dad saved for me to restyle. I didn't like the brown, so I repainted them (with spray paint) and decorated each of them separately.

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  1. These are so cute! I love upcycling things too! :)


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