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PWP- What's Up Wednesday Christmas Card

Today I'm up on the Paper Wings Productions blog sharing a cute Christmas card and a fun way to use washi tape in your stamping! I'm excited for Christmas, not only am I making cards to send out to friends and family but I'm also donating cards to charity so I'm making a lot of Christmas cards this year.

In my post I show you guys how I used washi tape to color my stamped designs on this card. For my card I used both the Build a Scene stamp set and the Snapshot Framer stamp set.

1. Stamp your design onto white cardstock. White works best since you're layering patterned tape over it. I used the festive trees from the Build a Scene stamp set.

2. Place a strip of washi tape across your stamped design.

3. Repeat until you've covered your stamped design. You could use all the same color of washi tape, but I really liked the mix-matched look of using multiple patterns.

4. Take your craft knife and lightly cut around the inside of your stamped design. Washi tape is very thin so you don't have to apply much pressure to cut through it which is good because you don't want to cut through your paper.

5. After you have your gone around your design with the knife, peel away the washi tape from the outside.

6. Now you have easily colored your stamped designs with washi tape! I love this technique, It's a great use for the popular washi tape! I personally have a whole basket full of different patterned tapes and I love finding new ways to use them.

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