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Cutting out Stamped Designs with the ScanNCut

You may or may not know this (I haven't written much about it here on the blog) but about a month ago I sold my older Cricut Expression and bought a Silhouette Cameo. I made a couple of projects with it- Coffee Typography Notebook, Tea Typography notebook, but it never quite worked right for me. It cut where it wasn't supposed to and made a lot of noise. I probably just got a lemon of a machine, I know a lot of people that love theirs, but I returned it and bought the brand new Brother ScanNCut machine.

I love my new ScanNCut, I like that I can easily draw things and cut them without having to hook up my computer! I've found a fun way to easily cut out my stamped designs. You can just stamp, scan and cut which means no more fussy cutting around a stamped image!

Here's how I do it-
First I stamped a couple of snowmen using a Stampers Big Brush Pen on white cardstock. After it dried (which was pretty quick.) I loaded it onto my ScanNCut mat and loaded the mat and click "Scan", and then "Direct Cut".

The ScanNCut cut around my snowman for me! I will never have to fussy cut around another design again! ;) This is not the only thing I use the machine for, obviously, but it's definitely a handy trick to know.

I've been using my ScanNCut on a lot of projects, scrapbook layouts, cards, etc. I love Julie's ideas using the ScanNCut!

Do you have the ScanNCut? I'd love to see your projects with it!
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  1. Well I didn't know that you returned your Cameo for the ScanNCut, but hey-- I say, if it works for you, go with it! That is really cool that you can cut around your stamped images. That would be so much easier on my hand than cutting all those little nooks and crannies of the images! I like the fact that I use my computer with my Cameo, but if that's what you didn't like, then I'm glad you found something you do like! And it is pretty loud. I remember when I first used mine, I was like "Is something wrong with it?!" But now I guess I'm used to it. Or maybe not. I still have to turn my music up loud so I can hear it over the machine. LOL


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