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Tea Cup Journal DIY

This tea cup journal was inspired by Silvia's Notebook Cover.  I thought her project was amazing, but I wanted to make an actual journal instead of just a cover, so I changed mine up a bit and I thought I'd share the tutorial with you guys in case you want to do the same.

I'm sure you know I have an obsession with tea, (see my Tea Typography Notebook, Tea Cup Pouch, and Tea Mini Quilt.) but you could also make this a coffee cup. Skip the tea bag tag bookmark and embellish the front of the cup to say "java" or something like that. ;)

Supplies: 2 sheets of felt for the cup, Extra felt scraps for tea bag tag, Sewing machine, Paper, twine

1. Download my patter here and cut out 2 of the cups, you don't need to worry about cutting out the handle hole yet. I used 2 different colors of felt but you can just use one if you want.

2. Lay the felt cups on top of each other and stitch around the edges, sewing the 2 together.

3. Using the pattern as a guide, trace the hole for the handle onto your felt cup. Do this for both sides. Stitch along the line you traced. Cut out the holes for the handles on the inside of your stitched line.

4. Cut out two 1.5x1.5" squares from felt, trim off the top 2 corners. Cut a 6" piece of twine and place the end between the 2 pieces of felt at the top. Stitch around the edges, embellish if you want. I just stitched a heart down onto it.

5. Stick the other end of the twine down in the center of your tea cup between the 2 pieces of felt. You can glue it or stitch it down. I stitched it down in between the 2 pieces of felt.

6. Cut paper to fit inside your journal and stack it up. My papers are approximately 4"x7", Fold them in half to crease them and then unfold and place in the center of your cup.

7. Stitch down the middle of your journal, going through the papers and the felt cover.

Overall, a pretty easy and adorable project!! I'm such a tea lover and I think this is the cutest little notebook! I think I'm going to use it for a bit of art journaling, maybe journal about tea.

I actually used a mix of papers- plain white paper, watercolor paper, old book pages and some scrapbook paper. It makes for a good base to art journal on some pages and to just write or doodle on others.

Here are some peeks at the inside pages I've been working on-

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