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Coffee Typography Notebook

I recently upgraded from my Cricut Expression to a Silhouette Cameo, which came with a handful of pens that you can replace the blade with. It came with a white pen so I was excited to try that out!

My Sister, Taylor, loves coffee so I made this notebook for her. I used black cardstock with the white pen so it would look a little bit like a chalkboard.

It's hard to find a good white pen, and the white pen that came with the silhouette started out really nice, but by the time it got to the bottom of my page it had faded out quite a bit. I had to go over a few of the words with my white Sakura GellyRoll pen. Overall though it did a pretty great job!
I'm not a coffee person, so I want to do one all about tea. I think that would turn out super cute, but I might switch the colors up a bit and use on of the other silhouette pens instead of the white.
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  1. That is really cool looking. I'm sure Taylor will love it. Can't wait to see the tea one! :)


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