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Build a Scarecrow Part 2

To see part 1 of our scarecrow building adventure + tutorial, click here. I like how our scarecrows turned out, even though I actually thought they were going to be creepy and homely and ugly, haha. These are perfect for outdoor autumn decorations!

Decorating the face and dress:


  • Yellow Yarn
  • Google Eyes
  • 32"x40" piece of fabric for the dress
  • 10x10" piece of fabric for the bandana
  • 24" ribbon for belt
  • 2 10" pieces of ribbon for hair
  • Black and Orange felt for face pieces
  • Embellishments like buttons, bows and flowers.

For the dress:
1. Fold a 32"x40" piece of fabric in half. At the center of the fold, cut a 9" circle for the neckline.
2. Flip inside out. Stitch up the sides, leaving a 6" hole on the top of each side. Holes are for the arms. Flip right side out.

For the face:
1. Using black felt scraps, cut eyelashes and adhere them onto your burlap face. Glue 2 googley eyes on top, just underneath the eyelashes.
2. Cut a triangle out of orange felt for the nose and adhere it down on your face.
3. Use a black marker to draw on a smile.

For the hair:
1. Wrap yarn around arms, cardboard or a chair into a 15" loop, continue wrapping the yarn until you feel it's thick enough for hair. Tie one end with a piece of yarn, cut the other end.

2. Braid both sides and tie with ribbons.

3. Glue onto the top of your head.

To finish the scarecrow-
Pull the dress over the head and place on the frame. Use small dots of glue to adhere it making sure it wont come off. Use a ribbon to tie up the dress.

Fold the fabric for a bandana in half into a triangle, tie around the neck of your scarecrow.

Place a doll hat on top of your scarecrow head, use a bit of glue to adhere it down.
Add any extra flowers and buttons to make the scarecrow cute not creepy! :)
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