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Book Review: Pom-Poms!

 I checked out Pom-Poms!: 25 Awesomely Fluffy Projects by Sarah Goldschadt from my library. The cover really caught my eye, aren't those little Hedgehogs adorable?

Inside the book there are a lot of projects for you to make. Pom-poms using yarn, (my favorite) coffee filters, tissue paper, etc. The tutorials are well written and easy to understand. The photography is really great which makes the projects even more inspiring.

In the back of the book it has tutorials for all of the basics you need like stitching and different styles of wrapping pom-poms. Striped pom-poms, polka dotted pom-poms, there are tutorials telling you how to do them! 

The only pom-pom I've made so far from the book has been the Ladybug keychain. I really love shaped pom-poms. The ladybug was super easy. It used 2 pom-poms, the head and the body, that you tied together.

Here's my take on the ladybug- I didn't attach it to a keychain, but I did add longer antennas.

If you love pom-poms or want to try making some really cute fluffy projects, check out Pom-Poms!: 25 Awesomely Fluffy Projects.
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