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Autumn Acorns and Pinecones Decor DIY

A friend gave me a bag of craft supplies that she'd never used. It full of really random supplies, including some styrofoam eggs. I had no idea what to do with the eggs but I finally came up with a couple of projects for them.. (You'll see a second project closer to Christmas.)

I turned styrofoam Easter eggs into some awesome felt and glitter pinecones and acorns!

Supplies: Styrofoam, Glitter, Brown Felt, Hot Glue, Spray Adhesive, Spray Sealer

Making the acorns-

1. Spray your eggs in spray adhesive. I recommend sticking them onto the end of a tooth pick so that you can hold them by that and not get your fingers too sticky.
2. Coat your eggs in glitter, turning the egg as you sprinkle the glitter so that it gets fully covered.

3. Coat the eggs in a spray sealer so that the glitter doesn't come off to the touch. Let that dry.

4. Cut a small strip of brown felt, fold it in half and glue the ends together and glue it to the top of your egg.

5. Cut a couple of long felt strips. I used 2 15"x.5" strips. Glue one end to the top of your acorn, next to the top loop.

6. Twisting your felt strip as you go, wrap it around the acorn gluing it down. Continue until you have a nice little acorn cap.

Making the Pinecones-

1. Cut out a bunch of little 1" petals from brown felt.

2. Glue a circle of brown felt to the top of your egg. (the narrow end.)

3. Glue five of the brown felt petals around the circle.

4. Continue gluing the felt pieces around, slightly overlapping them so that you don't see any of the styrofoam underneath. Stop when you're almost done. You don't need to worry about the very bottom as you'll be covering it up in the next step.

5. Cut a .5"x4" strip and a 3" circle out of brown felt. Add little notches into your circle.

6. Glue the ends of the strip together forming a loop, cut a small opening in the center of the circle and place the end of the felt loop in side.

7. Glue the circle on to the bottom of your pinecone with the loop in the center.

I think these are awesome little decorations, easy, and way cuter than Easter eggs. I love Autumn crafts more than Easter crafts though, so that's just my opinion. ;)

Have you done any fun Autumn crafting? These are good through Thanksgiving, you could maybe even leave them out until Christmas!
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  1. These are really cute. I love your Autumn decorations.


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