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30 Days of Lists September 2013

Back in September I participated in 30 Days of Lists. I wans't blogging them daily, I wanted to wait until I had my little book completed and then blog about it. I believe this was my 3rd time doing the 30 Days of Lists challenge. It's such a fun challenge.

This time I just journaled my lists in a Daybook by Amy Tangerine. There was just the right number of pages, and the pages were bright and colorful.

Here's a peek at my favorite lists from the September challenge, you can view all of my lists here in my #30lists flickr set.

Did you do 30 days of lists?
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  1. I love the food pyramid! Mine would be running themed at the moment lol...the whole pyramid would be "CARBS."

  2. <3 I love this. I'm still finishing up my own lists, I JUST finished list 21! Once I'm completely finished, I'll be sharing them on my blog. :D Love your food pyramid! Mine is... really unhealthy, but I'll be sharing anyway, and using that as inspiration to eat better!

    1. My food pyramid isn't so healthy either, haha! Tea is a big part of it though. :)


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