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Mixed Media Scrapbooking Volume 2

I'm super excited to say that I have a mini album published in Creating Keepsakes new Mixed Media Scrabooking special issue! If you pick up a copy of this magazine, please turn the to pages #63 and 64 and take a peek at my album.

This issue is full of super inspiring techniques. I want to try so many of them, this magazine is going to be sitting on my desk for a while. :) Here's a peek at my mini album, I created a muslin base, and used Gelatos and Aquarelles by Design Memory Craft to color it, and using PITT artist pens to hand write my journaling.

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  1. Very cool! Your album is so cute and I love the muslin! I want to try canvas, too. I'm going to a night time feeding tour for large cats tomorrow night (tigers, cougars, etc) and I think that album would be so cool in muslin or canvas.

  2. I love this is so pretty!

  3. Wow mini! Can't wait to find mag @ B&N.


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