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Maddie's Wings Book Review

This is not my normal book review, as most of those are craft books. Maddie's Wings is an adorable little book about a dachshund named Maddie. Here's a little blurb about it:

Maddie's Wings is the story of one miniature dachshund's struggle to overcome loss and sadness in order to love again. As she learns to open her heart, she touches all those she comes in contact with. Based, in part, on a true story, Maddie's Wings is a sweet and emotional story sure to tug on your heart strings.

I think the story is so sweet, and the art is adorable. The author, Tamera Rickman, is my aunt. What makes the story even better for me is that my aunt did own a miniature dachshund named Maddie that passed away recently, so I know the little dog in the book personally.

I'd definitely recommend reading this book, it's so cute and well written. You can find Maddie's Wings here.
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