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Halloween Spool Creatures DIY

When Taylor was in town a few weeks ago we did a bit of Halloween themed crafting, one of the things we made were spool creatures. I saw something like this on pinterest, but I'm not sure where the original source was.

We have a ton of these vintage wooden spools, we keep them in a vase as decoration in our guest room so it's nice when I can use some in a project. My Mom is a quilter, so she is always going through plastic spools, which means we have a lot of those as well.

I'm sharing a tutorial for the Frankenstien spool, The others are pretty much the same, just using different colors of yarn.
Supplies: Wooden Spools, Yarn Scraps, Googly Eyes, Paper Scraps, Hot Glue

1. Glue down one end of your yarn to your spool. Wrap green yarn around your spool until you have it covered nicely, glue down the remaining end.
2. Using a piece of black yarn, cover the top 1/2 inch of your spool.
3. Adhere 2 small googly eyes on and cut out a small mouth for the face.

For Frankenstein, also cut out a small "stitch/scar" from black paper and glue on.
For pumpkins you need orange yarn, black paper and a green button on top.
For cats, black yarn, paper eyes and cat ears.
For a mummy all you need is white yarn and eyes.

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