Paper Scrap Triangle Notebook DIY

I love notebooks, lists, doodles, and keeping things organized. Even though I'm not in school, this "back-to-school season" makes me want all the office supplies!

I had a few notebooks laying around that needed a restyle and office depot had notebooks for 1 cent! so I got a few of those as well, and restyled them all!

I have a lot of paper scraps so projects that use some up are great! I went through my scraps and found some of my black and white papers as well as some old book pages.

Supplies: Scrap Patterned Paper, Book Pages, Glue, Paint Pen, Triangle Template

1. Cut your papers into triangles using your templates.

2. Adhere them down with modpodge or a glue stick, etc.
3. Outline your triangles with the paint pen to really make them stand out. I freehanded it, so it's a bit messy but you could use a ruler if you want straighter lines.

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