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DIY Photo Flower Pot

I came up with this fun project idea earlier in the summer, but I'm just now getting around to writing up the tutorial. How cute is this pot of flowers that are never going to wilt? You could also use pictures of friends/family and put a fun quote like "If friends were flowers, I'd pick you." That would be adorable. :)

Supplies: Photos, Patterned Paper, Embellishments, Wooden Skewers, Glue, Flower Pot

1. Print out your photos and trim them into circles.

2. Cut out paper circles in different sizes (all larger than your photos) and layer. You can also layer in diecuts like leaves and flowers.

3. Adhere your photos on top.

4. Flip your photos over, adhere the end of a wooden skewer to the middle of the circle

Stick them in a flower pot and you're done! I just stuck them in this pot for a photo op, they would work best in an indoor plant as they wouldn't hold up to weather.

You could also place foam in the bottom of a pot, stick the photo flowers in and give it as a gift.

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