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DIY Alcohol Ink Rope Coasters

I love making coasters. They're small, (usually) easy, you make multiple of the same design, and there are so so many different ways to make them. A few weeks ago, I made alcohol ink tile coasters. Now I've combined alcohol ink with rope for a cool effect.

Supplies: Felt, Clothesline Rope, Hot Glue, Alcohol Inks

1. Cut out 4 circles from felt the size you want your coasters to be. Mine are about 4" wide.

2. Place a dot of glue in the middle of a felt circle and stick down the end of your rope. Begin spiraling the rope, adhering it down with glue.

3. Continue spiraling the rope until you've filled the felt circle. Snip off the end of your rope and glue the end down.

4. Take one of your alcohol inks and drop color onto your rope.

5. Repeat with multiple colors until you like the way it looks. :)

Now make a cup of tea, and enjoy your new awesome coasters!

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