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Rainbow Rhinestone Tote Bag DIY

When you own the "fun-pack" of rhinestones, you pretty much just want to bling all the things! (We bought the larger pack of bling the other day, because it was cheaper than buying just a small pack.)
First I restyled a frame, and now I seriously blinged up this tote bag.  This is a super easy diy, all you need are 3 supplies:A Canvas Tote Bag, Bling and Adhesive!

Supplies: Canvas Tote Bag, Flat Backed Rhinestones, E6000 Glue.

1. Sort your bling by color. Organizing makes me happy, and organizing by color makes me even happier. :)

2. Arrange your rhinestones into lines on your tote bag. Starting with red and working your way down.

3. Once you have them arranged the way you like, take your E6000 and place a small drop on to the back of the first rhinestone and glue down. You just need a small drop of glue for each one, E6000 is pretty strong. Continue adhering your rhinestones and let them dry.

3 steps and 3 supplies. How easy is that for an awesome tote bag?

So, what do you think? Would you carry this around? With E6000 the bling isn't going anywhere, so I could easily throw some books into this and head to the library.
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