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Quilt Inspired Layout- Ticker Tape

Here's something you might not have known, I share a studio with my Mom, who quilts. Quilting is messy and there is usually fabric all over the table. (Not that I don't spread my paper and supplies out too. haha) I decided to do some paper projects inspired by my Mom's quilting.

Today's layout is inspired by Ticker Tape quilts. Ticker Tape quilts have a cool technique, instead of stitching blocks together, you applique pieces of fabric on top of a quilt. It looks pretty neat, google "Ticker Tape Quilts" and check out all the cool pictures.

I started by just picking about a bunch of scrap papers that I thought went together (some of them were all from a Cosmo Cricket stack) and then chopping them up into squares and rectangles. Then I arranged them and glued them down. Pretty easy it just takes a little time and lots of little pieces.

Usually for Ticker Tape quilts, you just do straight stitches along the edges of the pieces. I however decided to use my free motion foot and go crazy. I love my free motion foot. :)

My Mom is working on a really pretty quilt right now, using up a ton of scrap fabric. As you can see in this picture her scrap fabric blew up. :)

Do you ever make things inspired by quilts? What are you inspired by?

I'm also linking this to the "Anything Goes" Challenge at Simon Says Stamp and Show.
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