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Make it Monday

Stitch up a cute Scalloped Sunglasses Case using this pattern and tutorial.

Create a fun Braided Basket with this DIY.

Make some easy Washi Tape Flowers using this DIY.

Learn how to make an easy Accordion Mini Book using this tutorial.

Create this pretty Rose Bracelet with this DIY.

Make a Smores Gift to give to a friend using this tutorial. I love this. :)

It's raining for the first time in month's here and there's a cold front so it's no longer 100+ degrees. (Just for this week, sadly I'm sure it will be hot again soon) and I'm inspired to craft! So today will be spent in the studio making things.

What about you? Do you get inspired when the weather cools off? I'm much more inspired in the fall than I am in the summer. I don't like the heat.
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