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Happy Cow Appreciation Day!

Today is Cow Appreciation Day! Totally random, I know. But I thought it would be fun to do some cow themed crafts. Not to mention that Chick Fil A is giving away free chicken if you show up dressed as a cow! Which gave me a great reason to crochet myself a cow hat. I crocheted a simple white beanie then added on spots, a nose, eyes and little horns. :)

I also whipped up a cute card to give to the manager of Chickfila. Since I didn't have any cow embellishments, I doodled a little chicken in a cow suit. It's a really simple card, but cute. :)

Are you wearing a cow suit to chickfila today?
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  1. lol. totally fun. no cick fil a here tho

    1. You poor thing. :) life without chickfila.


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