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DIY Photo Flair + Document Life Workshop Layout

The challenge at Document Life Workshop today is to use a photo as an embellishment. Cool, huh? I decided to try something fun and new and create my own flair/pin/button (whatever you want to call it.) using one of my photos.

Here's my layout. I was also inspired by this color challenge at Pretty Little Studio. I just loved the color scheme.

Now, are you curious how I made my own flair? You can actually buy a little tool and blank flair sets that you can customize but I didn't want to buy a new tool. So I made my own.

Supplies: Old Pin/Flair, Small Photo, Glue, Scissors, Pencil

1. Trace around your flair onto your photo.

2. Cut out your photo, cut about 1/4" larger than the circle you traced. Snip along the edges as shown in the picture below.

3. Glue your flair face down onto the middle of your photo.

4. Fold up the sides and glue down.

You're done! You can add a bit of writing on it if you like. I added the word "sunshine." :)

It's not perfect, but it's super easy and a great alternative to buying a new tool. :)
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