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DIY Alcohol Ink Coasters

I've heard of/seen alcohol ink at craft stores for years now, but I've never known how to use it, or what it's good for. Recently I decided to get some, look up some ideas and give it a go. 

Here's one of my projects, alcohol ink coasters. I had so much fun making these.

Supplies: 4" Ceramic Tiles, Alcohol Ink, Alcohol Blending Solution, Paint Brush, Spray-on sealer ( I used Mod-podge Spray Acrylic Sealer) Sand Paper.

I recommend using a bit of sandpaper and sanding your tiles a bit before you begin. I had a bit of trouble with my ink not sticking to the glossy tiles, but after I sanded them they worked just fine!

1. Apply a generous amount of blending solution to your tile. You want to be able to cover the entire top surface. Use a paintbrush to spread it out.

2. Starting with your first color, Apply a few drops of alcohol ink to your tile. Note- the blending solution must still be wet so you have to work somewhat quickly.

3. Grab your next color and apply drops.

4. Apply a 3rd color. You could also just stick with 2 colors, or do even more.  I only used 3.

5.  Once the alcohol ink has dried, (it won't take long) Spray the tiles with a coat of acrylic sealer.

There are different things you can do with the ink:

  • Apply it in drops, like shown in the tutorial.
  • Place a few drops onto the top edge and tilt the tile down so that the ink flows down.
  • Use different shades of the same color.
  • Apply only a few drops so that the white tile still shows.

I love the way these turned out. These are actually gifts, 4 are going to my Mom and 4 for my Sister. I think it would be really neat to use about 3 shades of pink or aqua and make them sort of "ombre." Maybe I'll try that one day.

These would make awesome Christmas gifts, don't you think? Have you ever played with alcohol ink before? I'm just getting started but I love the results!

Would you be interested in buying the exact materials I used for this project? I'm working with Craftistas to see if my readers would be interested in this fun perk! If you would like to recreate this project, show your support by clicking below:
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  1. These are really fun! I also wanted to say your seal card on Two Peas is super cute and thanks for joining us at IBS!

  2. You can buy the tiles unglazed so you don't have to sand them. Also, you can skip the blending solution step and instead spray it with rubbing alcohol after putting the drops of ink on. You can also use sharpie pens instead of the inks.

  3. I think that the technique you're using here is very fun! Obviously there are plenty of different ways to make coasters, and it's always fun to give a new ink a try!

  4. This is a really neat technique! Kudos for branching out and trying a new ink!

  5. Acrylic sealer will not keep tiles from smudging if alcohol gets on them...I have cleaned a tile back to white that was inked and sealed with krylon

    1. @DKat - so then what do you seal them with that will keep the tiles looking good for the long term?


    2. Another blogger suggested using Dupli-Color clear engine coating spray (heat resistant up to 500 degrees) for sealing tile coasters. From AutoZone or other auto parts store. I am going to use that.

  6. Love, Love your coasters. I cant find a good way to seal them. I have tried multiple sealers but they don't work well. Have tried engine coating spray. I will have to see. Thanks for your help.

  7. My human used the engine spray stuff one of her tiles--and it seems to be holding up.


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