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Scrap Lab- Pink & Green

You know the scrap paper card kit I posted about last week? Well, I've been doing some more and I'm going to start calling these blog posts "Scrap Lab."
In case you missed my explanation last week here's what I'm doing- I'm creating small kits from scrap paper and older embellishments to make cards. This helps me to use up supplies. :)

This time I've picked out a bunch of bright pink, green and yellow papers and embellishments.
 Here are the cards I made with it:

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  1. This "scrap lab experiment" went a long way! You got a lot of cards out of it! I love the idea of a "scrap lab"...maybe I'll have to scrap this evening :)

    1. Yeah, it sure did! scrap kits are fun. :)

  2. Katie, what do you do with all the cards you make? Do you ever have a hard time giving them away because you like them too much? btw, the cards are beautiful. I especially love the dear one.

    1. Thanks, Marisa!! I send out a few of them, but I give the majority of them to my Mom because she mails cards more than I do.
      I really don't mind giving away my cards, I get to share something I've made with someone. and then I get to make new ones. :)


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