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Gelli Print 4th of July Banner DIY

I went a little bit crazy last week with my gelli plate. I made a bunch of red, white and blue gelli prints which I posted here if you want to see them all. I've made a couple of cards using them already but with the rest of them I decided to make a fun 4th of July banner.

If you haven't discovered gelli printing yet, you could do this with patterned papers too. ;)

Supplies: chipboard, gelli prints or patterned paper, washi tape, hole punch, twine

1. Cut your chipboard into banners. I cut mine into 6"x5" rectangles and then cut a triangle out of the bottom.

2. Glue your chipboard banners onto the backs of your prints.
 3. Trim any extra off from around the edges.

4. Punch holes in each of the top two corners.
 5. String them onto a piece of twine.

This turned out very fun and patriotic, didn't it? Have you made any 4th of July crafts?

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