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DIY Button Mason Jar Banner

My Mom has had these wooden mason jars laying around forever, They were a super cute banner with the words of the Fruit of the Spirit written on them, but they're vintage so the colors were faded. So, They got a restyle.
I was just staring at them the other day when I thought they would be so cute repainted white and "filled" with buttons.

As I said, we've had these wooden mason jars forever, but I did a bit of searching online and it looks like you can get some similar ones (not exact though) here at Oh My Crafts. You will need to drill holes in each side though as they don't have them.

Supplies: Wooden Mason Jars, Paint, Glue, Buttons, Fabric Scraps, Twine

1. Paint your mason jars white. I painted mine white, and then added a bit of mint acrylic paint here and there to give the jars more depth.

2. Go through your button stash and pick out a bunch of cute buttons. Glue them onto the bottom of your jars. I "filled" mine about halfway up, but you could add as many as you want.

(This is only about half of my button stash. I've got another big candy jar full of buttons.)

3. Cut out squares of scrap fabric. I used 3" squares. Glue the middle of one to the top of a jar, then fold down the corners. Tie a piece of twine around it.

4. String your mason jars onto a long piece of twine, going in one hole on the side and then back out the other.

Hand up and enjoy! I took it outside to take photos, but now it's hanging in our craft studio. Perfect, huh?

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  1. I love this project! Also adding the fabric to the top was a nice touch (it really makes them look like mason jars). I have way too many buttons and this would be a great way to display them :)

  2. This is so great! I could fill them with shells or toys or flowers! Wonderful project! Thanks! The Grandkids and I will have a ball with this!

  3. that is so totally it

  4. Thank you so much for your visit and nice comment on my blog! The mason jar banner is great!
    Have a good start in the weekend! - Irma

  5. Love these! They're so colourful and fun.


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