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Creating Scrap Kits

With Stitch Craft Create Live/The Great American Scrapbook Convention coming up I wanted to use up some of my older supplies and scrap paper that way I have more room for the new stuff I purchase.

I decided the easiest way to do this would be to create kits with my scraps and old stickers. I started by grabbing one or two large papers for the card bases. Than I grabbed coordinating scrap papers. I also went through my sticker stash and pulled out those sheets with only a couple of stickers left.
 This was a fun new way to create cards for me. I usually pull out supplies as I go and having the supplies already figured out made making the cards much quicker and easier.

I'll be sharing some more of my scrap kits here on the blog. Do you ever make your own kits? Do you have a lot of older supplies too? I'm using up my older supplies to make room for new stuff.
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  1. I still haven't tried making a kit out of leftovers. I have a bunch of paper, stickers, and stamps I can use to make some really great cards. You always put together colors and prints that I would never think to combine! :) ~Rachel

  2. Love the kits and what you created with them!
    Thanks for your comment over at FB today ;-)

  3. I totally love the concept of stash kits for instant mind-joggling creativity! Mahalo, thank you for the great inspiration. Might be fun to put some stash kits together for the monthly crafts group that meets at my library. What a novel idea for cardmaking day!!!

  4. I love the colours, especially the "I think you're beautiful" card! When I use to be really into scrapbooking and card making, I loved to make my own kits since I couldn't get any of the kit club kits. However, I started getting more into art journaling so I got rid of most of my scrapbooking supplies. I'm just now trying to get back into scrapbooking, but I don't have enough scraps to put together a kit.


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