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Warp Speed Galaxy Shirt DIY

Taylor has been pinning a lot of galaxy inspired projects lately, so I've been super inspired to make something galaxy themed. And if I'm going to have a galaxy I have to have the Enterprise as well, right?

I actually planned on making this shirt for Taylor, but I was so thrilled with how it turned out I stole it for myself. So now I have to make her another one! Haha!

 Supplies: Black Cotton Tshirt, Bleach, Bleach Pen, Spray Bottle, Acrylic Paint/Fabric Paint, Paint Brush
1. Pour Bleach into a spray bottle and water it down just a little. (Not too much.)
Spray bleach onto the front of your shirt. You don't want to bleach the whole thing, but you want to puddle most of the bleach in the "center" of your galaxy and spread it out from there.

I was actually all out of bleach so I used a Foaming Bleach Cleaner instead which also worked.
 2. Once you feel your bleach has taken enough color out, rinse  your shirt good with warm water.

I also went back with my bleach pen and doodled a few stars and swirls. My bleach pen is 100% bleach so it works a lot quicker than the foaming cleaner I used.
 Run your shirt through the dryer to dry it.

3. Now it's time to get out your paints!Use whatever colors you like best, I used Navy Blue, Purple and Pink.

Start with your darkest color (blue) and apply it around he edges of parts of your galaxy.
Next the purple, which I added around the blue. Then the pink, I applied the pink next to the purple as well as on top of my bleached areas.

The trick when painting is to make sure the edges of your paint are blended in good! That will make it look the best!

 4. Using white paint and a small brush, paint on little stars as well as little white dots here and there.

I also took a brush and flicked white paint across my shirt. Not much, but enough to have tiny white splatters on it.

5. To add the Enterprise: Using a silver paint marker, doodle on your ship. Add details with colored paint and a small brush.

I tried to make it look like the new enterprise in the reboot movies. I also added a few motion lines as if the ship is going into warp.

Awesome nerdy, right? If you aren't as much of a trekkie as me, you could leave off the enterprise. ;)
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