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Tips on Getting Your Layout Published- Part 2

Yesterday I posted part 1 of my tips for getting your scrapbook layouts published and today I'm sharing part 2.

1. Use new products and include a full supply list in your submission. A reader may see a product on your published layout that they want to purchase for themselves and it's much easier to do that if you used new products on your layouts instead of embellishments that are 5 years old. Magazines know this and are much more likely to choose your layout if it has the latest products.

2. Make multi-photo layouts. You will see a few layouts in magazines that are 1 pagers and have 1 photo on them but the layouts editors love best are 2 page layouts with 3+ photos.

3. Write neatly and spell check! Make sure there aren't a bunch of typos in your title or journaling, nothing is more embarrassing than realizing after the fact that you spelt something wrong. It also helps if you have nice neat journaling. This could mean printing it, or just making sure your handwriting is neat. Layouts get downsized when published so it's easier to read your journaling if it's nice and neat.

I've been published in multiple issues of Creating KeepsakesStitch Craft and Create and most recently I have a project in the Star Trek Crafts Book.

Click here to see part 1 of my tips.
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