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The Star Trek Craft Book

I'm so so excited to share this with you guys! The new Star Trek Craft Book hit the shelves yesterday and I've got a project published in it!!

Inside you'll find a ton of geeky awesome projects all inspired by Star Trek. You'll also find a tutorial for my Star Trek Apron. This book is amazing and the publisher did a great job with everything- I think my apron looks fantastic in the book. :)

Here's a little bit about the book:
Create 25 unique Star Trek–inspired crafts with The Star Trek Craft Book! Whether you’re a “Trekker in Training” or a seasoned craft whiz, you'll find a project in these pages to pique your interest.These fun, quirky, and even practical crafts range from accessories to d├ęcor to toys. Boldly experiment with a variety of crafting projects, including crochet, sewing, embroidery, felting, and much more. Each project is ranked according to complexity and skill level—from Ensign to Admiral—and accompanied by easy to follow instructions and photos. Full of Star Trek facts and imagery, crafty tips, and fun, The Star Trek Craft Book is perfect for Star Trek fans and enterprising crafters alike.

Angie Pedersen (The Author) is also a writer at Geek Crafts and if you haven't stopped by that blog, hop over there!
My local Barnes and Noble only had 1 copy, so I'd recommend grabbing yours quick or ordering it online! Get your copy on amazon here.
BTW, there will be quite a few Star Trek themed posts this month. :)
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