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The Star Trek Blog Hop- Star Trek Greeting Cards

I've been posting fun Star Trek inspired craft projects all week and now it's time for the Star Trek Blog Hop!

To see the rest of my star trek posts scroll down past this post or click here.

Today 7 crafty bloggers will be participating in a Star Trek themed craft blog hop,  Boldly Crafting Where No Crafts Have Gone Before. We will be posting paper crafts, sewing, recycled projects, and other fun crafty things! Be inspired and Make It So!

My project for the blog hop are these awesome Star Trek Greeting Cards. 
I'm sure you've seen a bunch of the Ryan Gosling Hey Girl images floating around the web, right? Well one day I made my own Hey Girl images using pictures of Spock and Kirk. I just sent them to my sister for fun, but then thought "Why not make cards as well?"

So, Taylor and I made these fun Hey Girl cards using star trek colored papers.

 Download my Star Trek "Hey Girl" images here, here, here and here.

I also made a pop up card using a picture of Captain Kirk and a paper enterprise that I hand cut and of course a cheesy saying.

GIVEAWAY!! What's up for grabs:

How to enter? Leave a comment below with your name + email address telling me what your favorite Star Trek Movie or Series is!

Bonus entries: Tweet or post on facebook about the giveaway. Leave a seperate comment for each bonus entry, please.

(Giveaway winner will be chosen June 1st)
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  1. Hi! I found your website through Scrappy Jedi, and I'm loving the Star Trek goodness!

    My favorite Trek series has to be the original, because I started watching it when I was a wee child. However, I do have a special regard for Patrick Stewart as the captain of TNG. Thank you so much for making your "Hey girl" Star Trek images available for download!

  2. you have been blogged....duh
    I think my fave series is DS9.
    I love the newer trek movies but I have a soft spot for Wrath of Khan and the voyage home, Kirk soooooo gets dumped at the end of that one. lol. First Contact was pretty awesome too

    1. I think my favorite movies are Star Trek Into Darkness and First Contact. and I'm not sure if I can pick a favorite series. I love them all.

  3. Reading your blog this week has been such fun! I've loved everything you've created, and these Hey Girl cards are hilarious.

    Thanks again for asking me to participate!


    1. Just to be clear—not entering. Just saying thanks. ;)

    2. I love star trek so much, how could I not do a week of awesomeness? :) Thanks for joining in I love your Riker plush.

  4. Your cards are great! I love them all! And that is an awesome giveaway prize pack! I especially love the phone case. My favorite Star Treks are TOS and the reboot movies, although The Voyage Home holds a special place in my heart.

  5. I love your cards. I grew up watching Star Trek with my dad. I don't really have a favorite but I think Deep Space 9 and Next Generation have some of favorite episodes. I was obsessed with Captain Jean-Luc Picard growing up I had a HUGE crush on him. *drool*

    1. So, I need to make some "Hey Girl" cards with Picard on them? lol. :)

  6. My favorite series is Deep Space Nine. My favorite movie is the 2009 Star Trek reboot.


  7. So love your posts! I will for sure be looking back, thanks Scrappy Jedi! I really loved the new movie, and looking forward to catching the latest very soon. While they all hold a special place in my heart, I must say as far as the series I'd vote on The Next Generation and Captain Picard. Gotta go make one of these galaxy shirts I just say on your blog!

  8. Our favorite is DS9! We love all these Trek crafts and have just started a Trek blog of our own at The Farthest Star.

  9. We posted about the giveaway here on Facebook! Email: thellizhir at gmail dot com

  10. Haha! Those are awesome! I have some old black and white photos I am going to do something with like this...but must wait until summer. :) School is almost out!

  11. Hey Girl, I'm so excited that JT Kirk wants to go thrifting w/me!!
    My fave Star Trek movie is Voyage Home because when my friend Mike went off to Hollywood to work on that movie, I inherited his job and I still have it today!! I also have a few token graphics that I helped him w/ that were used in the movie.
    Live long and prosper chica!!

  12. Hi katie!! Just love the original series with spock and captain kirk!! And my boyfriend is a total trekkie!!lol

  13. Just post it on my facebook! :)

  14. Sweeeeeeeeet! Star Trek holds a special place in my heart because it's something that I would possibly never have tried out without seeing how much my man enjoys it. <3 TNG is my favorite overall, but TOS & TAS make me giggle ever so much!

  15. Also, I tweeted.

  16. My fave movie is Star Trek 2009 (the first new movie). It got me into Star Trek and I just love it!

    Martina W.

  17. You have been tweeted!

  18.'s june 3rd.....who won what and who am I mailing to?


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