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Star Trek Shirt Coffee Mug Cozy

This is a fun project for coffee/tea lovers and trekkies! I chose to use a yellow felt (I couldn't find the mustard-y gold color of Star Trek uniforms) but you could also do blue or red. Just be careful drinking from a red shirt coffee mug!
 Supplies: Gold/Yellow, Grey and Black Felt, Gold Ric Rac, Button, Sewing Machine

1. Download a coffee cup cozy pattern. There are a lot of different ones available here. Cut 2 cozy shapes, 1 from yellow and 1 from black felt. Cut a long V shape from black felt for the top of the shirt, and a Star Trek communicator from grey felt.
2. Stitch the communicator and the black v shaped piece to the front of the yellow piece.
3.Stitch a button about 3/4" in on the left side and cut a 4" (this measurement may vary depending on your cup size. If you plan on using this cozy on different size mugs, use elastic instead of ric rac.) piece of ric rac and pin it to the right side. (see pic below.)
4. Pin the black felt cozy down on top of your yellow piece. Stitch around the edges leaving a gap to flip it.
5. Flip right side out and stitch around the edges, sewing your opening closed.
6. Wrap around you mug and close with button!

So, random question here: Do you listen to music when you craft? I always have the pandora app on my phone playing and my favorite station is my Film Score station which plays a lot of epic soundtracks including Star Trek theme songs! I'm such a nerd. ;)
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  1. I absolutely love this, especially the little detail of the gold rick-rack!

    Sometimes I'll listen to music while I craft, but more often I'll throw in a DVD I've seen a thousand times or watch some scrapbooking videos on YouTube. I do listen to a lot of film scores while I do homework because I find them inspiring and I can't concentrate when I listen to music with lyrics. Trek scores are good, but I usually start up my Spotify playlist of the scores of the first 4 Harry Potter movies.

  2. I'm loving this Star Trek Week but this project is definitely my favorite!

    I have to listen to music when I craft. I usually have project playlist on or I break out my cd player (lol).

  3. I love this. It's so much fun seeing all the star trek stuff out right now. Have a great day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  4. So cute! You came up with some seriously awesome projects for this week.


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