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Star Trek Science Officer Laptop Sleeve DIY

My project for the day is a Star Trek Uniform Laptop Sleeve! I have a sturdy case that I use for my laptop if I'm going on a trip but if I'm just running up to the library with it or something I just use a sleeve. However I was getting tired of my last laptop sleeve so it was definitely time for a new one. and I love this one! :)

 Supplies: 1/2 yard of blue felt, 1/4 yard of black felt, 1 sheet of grey felt, Black thread, sewing machine

1. Measure your laptop, add about 2" to each measurement and cut 4 sheets of your blue felt to the new measurement. For example my laptop is 15"x11" so I cut my felt 17"x13".
Cut a black V shape from black felt the width of your blue felt and about 3" tall. Also cut out a 2" communicator from grey felt.
2. Stitch down your small pieces onto one of your blue felt rectangles.
3. Separate your 4 blue rectangles into pairs of 2, placing them right sides together. Stitch along on of the shorter sides and flip right side out so the one end has a finished edge.
4. Stitch along the finished edge. This is just stitching the two pieces together so that they stay flat and don't move around.
5. Place your 2 pieces right sides together and stitch down the sides and bottoms leaving the top open.
6. Flip right side out.
If you want it a bit thicker you could add a layer of batting in between the layers of felt but I think with 2 pieces of felt on each side it's enough padding for my old laptop. Unless it was a redshirt. then it would need all the extra padding available!

So, have you Star Trek Into Darkness yet? Taylor and I went to see it last night and it was AMAZING! I absolutely loved it, loved every second of it!

Now I want to do even more geeky things, and put Star Trek themes on all the crafts! haha.
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