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Star Trek Photo Coasters DIY

I've made some photo coasters before but this time I wanted to use photos of Star Trek characters. and to make things fun and comic like, I also added speech bubbles with their favorite drinks.

I don't think Kirk really has a favorite drink (that I know of.) so I just chose to put Romulan Ale for his drink. Picard, Dax and Janeway were pretty easy though. Janeway loves her coffee. :)

 Supplies: Cardboard, Felt, Patterned Paper, Clear Contact Paper, Printer
1. Cut your cardboard into 4"x4" squares.
 2. Cover the top sides of you cardboard with patterned paper.
3. Print photos of your favorite Star Trek characters at 3.5"x3.5" and adhere to each coaster.
 4. Cut out small speech bubbles and write out your favorite characters favorite drinks. For example: Everyone knows Picard's favorite drink is earl grey tea. Hot.
5. Cut out 5"x5" squares of contact paper.
 6. Peel the backing off your your contact paper and stick to your coaster. Cut away the corners and fold the edges over to the backside.
 7. Cut out 4"x4" squares of felt and adhere to the back of your coasters.

What's your favorite drink? Mine would be Tea. Hot. But not necessarily earl grey. ;)
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