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Photographing the Ft. Worth Water Gardens

My Dad and I stopped by the Ft. Worth Water Gardens a few days ago. I brought my camera along and took a few photos. We got there about sunset so some of the photos are while it's still daylight and some of them were after the sun went down.

(My Dad)

I should start sharing some more of my photography here I think. I post a ton of photos on facebook but not usually here on my blog..
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  1. You should definitely post more photos! Have you been to Paper Planet on Lancaster? It's a little boutique that's just for paper and scrapbooking accessories! They sell pre-made papercrafts, make custom invitations/announcements, and even have crafting classes! It's my favorite place to shop. I think every scrapper should visit there at least once. :D

    1. No, I haven't! I live in the midcities so I don't actually get to Ft. Worth much. but maybe next time I'm there! :)

  2. Very cool! A water garden?? Sounds really neat! I love the photos! Yes, you should post more. I don't see enough! :P You used to post a lot right after you got your camera but I don't see much any more!! :(

  3. Wow, I didn't realize the scale of that fountain until the picture with your dad! What a cool place!


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