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DIY Paper Wreath Rose

I'm sure you've seen this type of paper roses by now. They aren't that new to the crafting world, I think I've even posted some here on the blog before but this time I wanted to use them to decorate a wreath.

I used patriotic colors since Memorial day is in a few days and then the Fourth of July is just over a month away. Summer is here. ;)
 Supplies: Paper Scraps, Hot Glue, Scissors, Wreath

How to make the roses:
1. Cut out a bunch of different sized circles. (My largest circles were about 4"-5" and you can see the finished roses end up much smaller than that.) Cut a spiral shape into your circle.
2. Starting at the outside edge, roll up your paper tightly.
3. Once you get to the end, let go and let the paper relax into a rose shape.
4. Glue the end down on the bottom.

How to make the wreath:
Glue your roses down onto your wreath in whatever order you like. I clustered mine all along on side.
Tie a ribbon or scrap of fabric around the top of your wreath and hang!
I dug into my paper scraps for the roses and we got the wreath from the thrift store, restyled it once already and now it's getting a new life again. So this wreath is completely recycled!
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