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Creative Lettering by Jenny Doh- Book Review

I found this book, Creative Lettering,  on the new books shelf at my local library and thought it looked interesting. I like to find new handwriting styles and play around with writing/doodling letters and this book is all about that.
Inside you'll find hand lettering techniques from 16 contributors. Learn what tools are best, how to use them and find tutorials for different styles of fonts.

If you love alphabets, writing, doodling and typography you'll love this book. As a scrapbooker and art journalist I found it super helpful. Find it on amazon here.

I was inspired by some of the techniques in this book to create my letters in this page. I grabbed one of my prints from my first attempt at gelli printing. After adhering it to the page, I used Gesso and a Stampers Big Brush Pen to add in my words and doodles. 

Have you seen this book yet? What do you think? Do you like to play with your handwriting?
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  1. Hi Katie! I've been following your blog, but this is my first comment. I love Jenny Doh's book. I bought it on Amazon for less than $10. I'm waiting for her new book 'Craft-a-Doodle' to be released in August. I like what you did with the Gesso. I've never worked with it, but I'm curious to try.

    1. Hi Patti! Thanks for commenting I love to hear from my readers!! :)
      I hadn't heard about her new book yet, but I love the title! I will have to look it up!

  2. I haven't come across this book but, yes, I like to play about with my handwriting. I like the way you've used 'negative' lettering here, letting the background show through.

    1. Thanks! It was one of the techniques in the book. :)

  3. The reverse lettering is so fun. And works beautifully with the gelli prints. First time visiting from Art Journal Every shoes....xox

    1. I agree, I love how the gelli print shows through the lettering. :) Thanks!

  4. It looks great, I might have to give that book a try =)


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