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WaterColor Wreath + Design Memory Craft Giveaway

My last project as a Design Memory Craft Guest Design is at the end of this month. I'm really going to miss designing for them! If you know of any recent design team calls for manufacturers please let me know.

Here's a roundup of all the projects I've done for Design Memory Craft- (excluding the 2 projects I have coming up later this month.)

  1. St. Patricks Day Inspiration Spool DIY
  2. Colored Fabric with Gelatos DIY
  3. Spring Mixed Media DIY
  4. Bunny Garden Plant Markers
  5. Create a Colorful Scrapbook Background DIY
  6. Designing Fabric with Paper Crafter Crayons DIY
  7. Restyled Flower Pot (Coming Soon)
Today I wanted to share this wreath I made and embellished using Design Memory Craft aquarelle pencils-
 I didn't actually have a wreath, so I made one using a pool noodle leftover from last summer. (I figured I'd just get a new noodle for this summer.)

To make my main embellishment, I heat embossed the "enjoy the little things" and then I colored colored over it with my Aquarelle watercolor pencils. Added a little stitching, ribbon and then made my other embellishments to match.

I love my watercolor pencils. I'm more of a doodler than a painter, so I can draw, add a little water, and it looks painted. love.


As a finish to my guest design posts, Faber Castell Design Memory Craft has graciously put together an awesome prize pack for me to give away!

What you'll win:
  • Red/Yellow Paper Crafter Crayons 
  • 4ct. Metallic Gelatos
  • Stamper’s Big White Pen
  • Green Art Grip® Aquarelle Watercolor Pencils
How to enter:
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  1. I would totally try the colored fabric with gelatos! I've really enjoyed your projects with them, it's how I found out about your blog! Thanks for the chance to win this!

  2. Ok I liked the design memory craft site and I would definitely use them on a quilt!

  3. I have loved seeing your projects, Katie! I will miss them too!! I liked them on FB. :) And I would make some cards with these awesome goodies!!

  4. I would love to play with the gelatos - I'm going to have to look for them in the store! Love your projects! I don't have facebook :( Can't wait to see what else you've come up with... (I just found your blog the other day via Feedly and have you on my reading list :))

  5. GRRR, Google ate my comment! In case it doesn't show up here is the jist...I'd love to play with the gelatos and will be looking for them next time I go "to town"! Can't wait to see what else you've come up with! I don't have facebook :( Also, I recently found your blog via Feedly and added you to my reading list - it looks like you have great ideas!!!

  6. i'll miss your projects for DMC as well, they have been very inspirational. i'm a doodler as opposed to a painter as well, so I would love to get my hands on those watercolor pencils.

  7. My favorite project that you did was the Designing Fabric with Paper Crafter Crayons DIY. Its so cute and would be perfect to hold all your other crayons! With the supplies I would either use them in my SMASH book or try them on canvas.


  8. I love your wreath! And this is an absolutely awesome giveaway, the people over there are so generous! I would love to have a few more gelatos to play with, personally.

  9. Oh! I love it!


  10. Wahouuu, I love your wreath !! I just discovered your site and I love the colors, the spirit I found here....Thanks for your projects which are beautiful and for the giveaway, I would love to use all of these for more mixed media paper*fabrics books I love to do...They would be very useful :-) Natalie - -Mandarine Roussette on your page...

  11. I'd love to make some fabric tote bags for my sisters. Thanks for the giveaway! I like Design Memory Craft on facebook (Cindy Brooks).
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  12. Hi :) I love love love this blog! And all the cutesy projects you've put up!
    I would totally love to try out the gelatos and watercolor pencils, as I've never tried them before! :)

  13. I liked your facebook account - Stephanie Thurow. I'd like to make some handmade cards.


  14. I love getting inspiration from everywhere on the web but I have to say one of my all-time favorite bits of inspiration is your thread spool tutorial for Faber-Castell. That sweet little gift is the most creative project and I actually went out and bought a bunch of spools because they are going to be some of my Christmas presents this year. Thanks so much!!! Oh and I did go and "like" Faber-Castell on facebook!!!

  15. I liked on FB - I would make wall art.

  16. Oooohhh. I've got some plain white fabric that has been crying out to be decorated and made into something pretty. I'd use the paper craft crayons to make some cute patterns and use the fabric to make some headbands and some rag shoelaces.


  17. Congrat's Katie for all your great projets in your Design Memory Craft Guest Design!! This is an ansome prize and i would love to try all these product and do a face...i just started to draw faces and i'm getting the hang of it!!
    Thank for this cool chance!!!


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