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Shaped Cards DIY

I have decided that I like to make shaped cards. I just think they are so neat, a bit different than normal cards. Do you like to make them? Here are a couple I made recently as well as a free downloadable template to make them yourself.

Supplies: Cardstock, Patterned Papers, Embellishments, Scissors, Adhesive

1. Lay a stencil  or template on top of your card with the left edge hanging off the card a bit, sketch around it.
2. With your card still folded in half, Cut out your shape. You should end up with something like this. 2 shapes connected together on one side.

3. Embellish as desired. I cut a couple of circles and a banner from patterned paper. Added a stamped ampersand, a few stickers and doodling.
The triangle uses the same tutorial. Trace the template onto a folded card, cut out and embellish. I used the same papers and colors for both cards, I like that they match. :)
Want another shaped card? Also check out my Bunny Rabbit Shaped Card.
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